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Property Law

Our Property Law Team has extensive experience in all forms of property transactions including; private residential, commercial property, first home buyers and property investors.


Refinancing your debts can be simple if the process involves one mortgage security and a straight swap from one bank to another. However, refinancings that include cross-collateralisation, cross-guarantees and a complex structure of companies, trusts and individuals require lawyers with experience across all of these areas. Davenports Law has that experience.

We can advise on all facets of finance; residential, commercial or development, including bank and non-bank. Alongside our network of brokers, our in-house expertise is supported by Jeremy Parsons, Director, and head of the Davenports Law Commercial Team. Jeremy is a former commercial bank manager as well as a Director of Buxton Capital, our commercial lending division.

You can read more here about refinancing and why you may want to engage the expertise of a lawyer for your situation. Alternatively, get in touch with Nick, Jeremy or one our team.




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