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Employers – Get your documentation right and do it now

Auckland is still in the thick of it as far as the impact of the pandemic on the workplace is concerned.

Employers are grappling with the issues of vaccinations and new legislation which will allow ‘close contact’ businesses to require customers and therefore staff to be vaccinated. What is clear from the cases moving through the court system is that employers have to follow the correct process if they wish to implement mandatory vaccinations. Please contact me urgently if you wish to look into this for your business and your staff or customers.

Many businesses are also taking the time to ensure all employment documentation is up to date. Ensuring robust employment agreements and staff handbooks is something the employer has complete control over and can gain some comfort in knowing that the documentation which forms the basis of the employment relationship, is solid.

These are the things we recommend doing now:
  1. Ensure you have a COVID-19 Policy in place which covers the policy your business has in the workplace around the issues of sickness, health and safety, customers and vaccinations.
  2. Ensure your employment agreement complies with all New Zealand laws, including law changes regarding bereavement leave and sick leave.
  3. Ensure your Staff Handbook is up to date and covers off the new legislation relating to privacy and immigration laws and that also includes reference to all standards of expected behaviour and the values of the business.

The employment relationship often starts and ends with the employment documentation. The impression you give a new employee when you have slick and comprehensive employment documentation is that the business is professional, confident and a business you can rely on.

We strongly recommend investing in your business by ensuring the documentation that starts the relationship (and that sometimes is required to end the relationship) is strong, robust and complies with New Zealand laws.

For assistance to invest in your business (and ultimately your people) contact our Commercial Law Team today.


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