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Workplace problems.

Navigating your way through employment issues can often be a challenging and difficult time. As there are a variety of processes in which to address employment issues, it is important to ensure that an appropriate process is followed for the particular issue on hand. Ensuring a fair process is followed at all times is also extremely important.


Problems in the workplace?

Employment issues that commonly occur within the workplace include:

  • Leave issues;
  • Excessive absenteeism;
  • Long-term and on-going illness;
  • Poor performance; and
  • Misconduct / serious misconduct (for example, theft, fraud, dishonesty, assault, sexual and racial harassment, and bullying
What processes are available?
  • Various different procedures and process can be used when addressing employment issues within the workplace. Examples of processes that can be used include:
  • Informal processes;
  • Formal processes including disciplinary and dismissal procedures, and performance management;
  • Mediation;
  • Raising a personal grievance; and
  • Negotiated exits.


It is important that any problems that do arise are dealt with appropriately and promptly. It may also be important in certain circumstances to undertake an investigation before any action is taken. For example, if there is an allegation of serious misconduct against an employee, it may be appropriate for an investigation to take place before any disciplinary proceedings are commenced.

If a problem has occurred at your workplace, do not hesitate to get in contact with the employment team at Davenports Law.

The above article provides a brief overview of problems that occur within the workplace and employment processes. It is not intended to be a comprehensive outline of problems within the workplace and employment processes or to be constituted as legal advice. If you require any legal advice or further information about this article, please contact the employment team at Davenports Law to discuss.

For further Employment Law advice, get in touch with Bronwen and the Employment Law team.
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